Sunday, September 1, 2013

Why the UPA will get re-elected in 2014: in 100 words or less

Stats indicate UPA to be the most corrupt government in Indian history, so it won't get reelected in the 2014 elections. Wrong. Here's proof.

1. Scam cash, embezzled dough, and black money is a sunk cost. Irrecoverable past. 

2. INC has turned India's voting mass into MYLOPs.

By definition, MYLOPs are Markovian; their vision of the future is independent of past events, given instant gratification. It follows from (1) and (2) that whoever supplies the biggest freebie to the voting mass now, wins. UPA just designed the free lunch, transcending the NFL theorem

No contest.

INC = Indian national congress, the dynastic party (ideology: Nehruvian socialism), which has wrecked India almost continuously since political independence (1947).

UPA = United Progressive Alliance = INC + clones, won the last two elections, seeks a hat-trick (= three-peat, in American).

MYLOPs = Myopic, Local Optimum seeking Pessimists. First introduced here

Free lunch = FSB = A grossly underfunded food security bill, which provides a theoretical guarantee of free food for all poor people, but in reality is a food bank for UPA's vote bank.

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