Monday, December 31, 2012

My Teacher, My Guru

Just found out an hour ago that my PhD adviser retires tonight. Operations Research was the least I learnt from Prof. HDS - despite the fact I used to be clueless enough to think that 'simplex' was probably some kind of vinyl plastic before I enrolled in his graduate program. If Prof. HDS was teaching archaeology  I'd be blogging about digging techniques now. He infused a magic into ORMS that has not gone missing yet. His brilliance is stunning and his research contributions, staggering; his students are moved by his compassion, his classes were masterpieces, and many of his colleagues across the university and the world are in respectful awe... Thankfully, it is much simpler for me. He is my teacher, my Guru. Happy retirement, sir. Go easy on the red ink now, maybe?

Wishing readers of dualnoise from around the world a very happy, safe, and healthy new year! Thank you for taking the time to visit this small 'toolers' corner. Feel free to message dualnoise at gmail on topics you would like to read about in 2013.

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