Monday, April 6, 2009

number 182

No fielder (besides the keeper, of course) had taken more than 181 catches in the history of test cricket until yesterday. Rahul Dravid took a couple yesterday in Wellington, New Zealand to touch 183. All the more impressive considering that Mark Waugh held that record, and he was one outstanding fielder. The unbelievable catch that he held to dismiss VVS Laxman (youtube) during India's run-chase in the Chennai Test of 2001 made me quite sick as an indian cricket fan.

Hopefully he can shed his hangdog/stonewalling batting method that's crept in since 2006, quite unlike his 'gritty but positive' batting between 2001-06, both in ODIs and tests. Would love to see the real Dravid at least once before he retires...

Courtesy of 'The Hindu', here's a beautiful photo of the impending 182nd brick in the wall !

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