Monday, April 20, 2009

IPL - day 2 - Replace Strategy breaks with tactical 2-minute time outs

The idiocy of the strategy break was highlighted on a day when IPL was hit by 'flood' problems - rain flooding the field, and the flood-lights not working when the rain stopped. Its common knowledge that its an advertising break. However, it makes more sense to break it down into two 90 or 120-sec tactical time-outs for either team, just like it's done in the NBA. This limits the total break time to 6-8 minutes and may actually make cricketing sense, while also not killing the momentum of the T20 game.

The Kolkata team reflects its owner. Its big on style, and even without Akhtar, it has a flashy set of players with limited substance, and a self-serving coach, all on a big ego-ride. It's tough to root against a team which has Ganguly. Like him or hate him, he is a great Indian cricketer and should have remained captain. I may come to eat my words, but they may win a few games when the flashiness works, but without Ponting and Hussey, (Saurav aside) this team has little heart or substance.

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