Saturday, April 18, 2009

IPL cricket second edition - day one

Two of India's greatest batsman showed their class while the other Indians generally struggled to cope with alien conditions in South Africa, where IPL-II is being staged. The contest is more even due to the nature of the wickets, so the cricket content is going to be more enjoyable than the first edition. Sachin and Dravid anchored successful batting efforts for Mumbai, and my home town, Bangalore, respectively. The interesting moment today was when Dhoni blundered - leaving Murali out of the 11 on a day when Harbhajan bowled really well to Hayden, Kumble took 5-5, and Warne showed his genius. Dravid's classy fifty was marked with his clearly pointing his bat at somebody in the crowd (hopefully asking Hoochman Mallya, the distasteful, pompous owner of his team to just shut up).

Other IPL news involves yet another self-serving vestigial coach, this time in form of John Buchanan spouting some b.s about not one or two, but 5 captains. On assumes the remaining 6 are vice-captains (Kolkata socialism makes its impact :-). Gavaskar, never one to mince words, pointed it out, and J.B tried to rephrase. It's not that big a deal really. India has played with 5-odd (ex-) captains, while Pak in the 90s played with 6-8 of them. Dhoni routinely lets bowlers set fields.

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