Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorable battle scenes on film - spot the O.R connection

This post consists of 'tragic battle' scenes from old classics. The aim is to find a popular O.R theme (however flimsy) in the clip, as we honor those who fought for a free world and laid down their lives so that we could continue to build O.R models, unconstrained. There are certainly many other war-movies with stronger military and civilian-OR themes, but these are five sentimental favorites. Enjoy the memorial day weekend as you think of other OR-themed movies!

5. Dirty Dozen (1967) - Jim Brown's incomplete TSP. What a ripper. A politically incorrect movie by today's "lofty" standards.

4. Von Ryan's Express (1965) Sinatra finds a feasible train route through a hostile network, but doesn't make it.

3. Haqeeqat (1964) - Final scene. The Indian army fails to build a robust supply-chain that is required for high-altitude warfare against the Maoists. Still remains the greatest Indian war movie ever made. An incredibly touching rendition of 'Kar Chale' by the great Mohammad Rafi that tears listeners up every time.

2. Enigma (2001) . Alan Turing, tragic genius, WW2 Bletchley park. OK, this is a relatively new movie, but the point is that critical 'analytics' battles have been fought by humble OR-types who saved countless lives and certainly did not nit-pick over whether it was 'OR' or 'analytics'.

1. Sholay (1975) Amitabh's fatal attempt to sever the critical link in the network and save lives succeeds. Favorite all-time movie scene in the most popular Indian movie ever made to date.

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