Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mothers Day - An Acoustic Guitar Tribute

This is a simple instrumental improv of the wonderful song (amma endrazhaikkadha) from the movie 'Mannan'. You can find the original video on youtube here.
The song is approximated in 'C' using simple open chords (you can find it here if you are interested). The tabs are replayed over the chords to give it some melody. It's recorded using my 2-year old's mic, so sound quality is iffy.

Hope you like it.


  1. I love that song. Surprisingly enough rajinikanth movies have had some decent songs in them.

  2. Haven't heard the original before this, but your version was superb with a lovely zing to it!

    Cheers to Shivaram...

  3. hey sairam, nice of u to drop by! a lot of good songs by ilayaraja are picturised in his movies. i especially like raja-yesudas combination. For example, another all-time carnatic fusion is 'yendhan nenjil' from the movie 'kalaignan' - checkout this youtube link:

  4. hey umi:
    you are encouraging as always and i am happy you liked it. as a perennial beginner, it takes me several attempts to get one right, but the creative process is certainly worth it. will try to pick another fusion piece.

  5. hi gopal:
    thanks! you probably heard the piece before, but the photo is new. my best photo so far.


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