Thursday, May 28, 2009

Janani Janani - An ocean of devotion

This one is based on the song 'Janani Janani' by Ilayaraja. The original can be seen here. This song is a truly touching composition that left a deep impression, and is sung in praise of Janani (Mother) Mookambikai. It appears to be one of Ilayaraja's favorite ones.

This version is approximated on acoustic guitar using C, D, G, Em, and something else. We create the distortion effects to mimic the ocean wave ambiance using Audacity, a free sound editor. I've put the final output on YouTube:

The pictures were taken by my cousin N.M. Krishna of Singapore (get well soon!), photographer extraordinaire (Acadia, Maine).

Finally, this song is about the humility of the devotee surrounded by the omnipresence of the divine mother. This tab dedicates the song to those working quietly to overcome challenges in life - a mother battling lack of sleep while trying to care for her daughter, a daughter trying to be a good girl, grandparents staying healthy, a sister writing an exam (such as the CFA), a brother trying to make it as an entrepreneur or waiting to be with his kids again. This humble song wishes well for all. Om.

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