Thursday, September 20, 2012

FDI in Indian Retail: Good or Bad for India? In 100 Words or Less

Is building a hospital in an Indian town good? sure
If congress workers construct it? no.

Building a road generally a good idea? yes.
If the congress party supervises? nope.

Whether 'FDI* in retail' is bad or good strategy for India is moot. If its execution is mangled, it will end up being a horrific loss. A 60+ year trail of evidence supports this indictment of the Congress party.

"Amateurs Talk about Strategy, Dilettantes Talk about Tactics, and Professionals Talk about Logistics". The original quote is usually attributed to General Omar. Bradley, the "People's General".

(FDI = Foreign Direct Investment. 'FDI in Retail' may well be the proverbial straw the breaks the ruling Congress party's back.)


  1. Hi,
    Every patriotic Indian who can understand simple English must read this.
    Punch into google search-
    Adam Smith the supreme god of economists , was a THIEF who lifted French economist and banker, Richard Cantillon’s work.
    Adam Smith , the holy cow, was a CRIMINAL AND MURDERER who killed 120 lakhs ( 10.2 million ) Bengalis in 1769. See some gruesome pictures of the sunk holocaust.
    Adam Smith , the crypto agent, was an employed by British East India Company as the one man think tank-- who is now back to India for FDI in multibrand retail.
    History always repeats itself—this is why we learn history.
    DORKS and angrez ka aulads in Indian internet disguise —keep away.
    Capt ajit vadakayil

  2. FDI has its own advantages and disadvantages, For some people it is good and for small shopkeeper it is very bad. FDI Surly increase the opportunity for the job but surly decrease the sell of small shopkeepers. FDI also beneficial for manufactures because FDI directly contact with manufactures and purchase all the finished goods.

    1. you are talking abt jobs yes fdi will give a lots of jobs but india will be the country of sales man and sales girls only not the leaders the englishman will again rule to our country if the fdi will come

  3. An alternative way of looking at the approach in this post to answer "Is FDI good/bad for India today?" is to work backwards from the desired output to arrive at the required inputs that can generate the desired outcome with a high probability. A key input would be 'who executes this plan'. Currently it is the Congress Gov. This reduces the probability of success to a low value regardless of FDI's (good) merits.

  4. rinki dhadwal, from palampur khundianDecember 2, 2012 at 7:58 AM

    in my sense FDI in retail is good for our country becz in will not only helpful for farmers but also beneficial to consumers. and if we talk about the side effects of fdi in retail then we can say that every thing has two effects i.e positive & negitive, plus and minus, advatage and disadvantage so it's verry common thing to to say that if fdi-r take place then it will not gonna much harm to country. and also will generate 10 million jobs opportunity...

    1. if a Gov's aim is to do good, then yes, that's a possibility. Sadly, this will only remain theoretical.

    2. Is it really good for our farmers? think
      according to the History Presently retails chain like Mc'Donals ,shopper stop etc. are not buying cotton, potatoes', vegetable from Indian market, but they are getting there raw material from outside the country. Also who will ensure that in future these retails like Wal-Mart etc. will not become another Ambanies or Tatas and will who run the government by their own power Yes FDI is good , but if it is benefited to the people living below average , walmart import raw material from other contries they will not take any of them from india then how can it be useful for all indian peoples may be it is good for peoples like us but its not the question of only us its the question of all indians

  5. FDI is good but it should be without a SCAM!

    1. i would be glad to be proved wrong, but probability of that happening is close to zero :)

    2. if anybody is saying that FDI is good for our country then given any one reason I will prove you that FDI has the power that our country will be ruined and our farmers will be killed


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