Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blog Review: The Age of Analytics

Web-tooling on the Monday after Superbowl for analytic content, I found this great new blog 'The Analytic Age' for O.R. practitioners and enthusiasts alike.
About the author - Dr. V. Ramakrishnan, has a strong background in O.R. and has a distinguished track record as an analytics entrepreneur, among other things. He currently teaches at the MIT Sloan School, and was VP-Chief Scientist at Profit Logic (and later at Oracle Retail), a company which designed and built the hugely successful Markdown Optimization Product, and was acquired by Oracle a few years ago.

The first commentary on analytics in the blog provides valuable real-world insight into the practice of this craft. It is encouraging to learn that businesses are looking for believable and optimized decision analytic tools. The kind of 'A' that is not just about how cool the technology inside is, or how good it looks on the outside, or leaves you stranded with an impressive array of numbers and summary reports; rather, the kind of 'A' that provides reliable prescriptive answers based on sound business sense. These business requirements directly play to the strength of O.R.

There's magic, and then there is practical magic. The latter is more likely to bring the audiences back.

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