Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kargil represented the first positive change in fortunes in the war against terror

It's been ten years since more than 500 of India's bravest gave their lives fighting desperate, uphill battles, in sub-freezing cold in the highest battlefields of this planet against well-entrenched Pakistani regulars and afghan mercenaries within Indian sovereign territory. If the first ten years of the Pak Army-ISI-taliban nexus (PIT) terrorist agenda (1989-1999) went PIT's way in terms of changing ground reality and world perception, Kargil resulted in the first positive change, with the world finally becoming aware of PIT's crazy designs, and the last ten years have increasingly opened the world's minds to the ever increasing threats emanating from the PIT nexus.

From the frozen battlefield of Rezang-La in 1962 (among the most heroic, last-ditch military battles recorded in India's multi-millenial history) to the battle for Tiger Hill, the Indian Jawan, like every honorable soldier in the free world fighting on the side of democracy, has fought fairly, and in the end, prevailed, and if he had to, died, but never backed down. This tab salutes them on Vijay divas.

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