Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dodgy Doctors

Being close to the border, Canadian TV is a staple. Recently they have been running a "India Reborn" series every Sunday, in course of which one is introduced to hoochman Dr.Vijay Mallya (tooling in his large private jet modified to run on beer), which would lead many to believe that we are either dealing with a benevolent medical expert or an eminent professor! Hopefully he is neither. Its likely just another dubious 'doctorate for cash'. There are several other quack-ates, past and present. Actors Dr.Rajkumar and Dr. MGR, RIP, for example. Living artifacts include Dr.Jayalalithaa, and Dr. Karunanidhi who also owns the title 'Kalaignar', a tribute to his ideologically artistic ventures. Sometimes they dispense with names and just refer to him as the noble Dr. Kalaignar. There's also a Dr.MGR medical university in Chennai which reminds us that Indira Gandhi never was the Mahatma's daughter.

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